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Anyone know a repair guy to fix my 65" TV


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Its raining, so I guess voltage got too high on the power line and it literally blew up 3 capacitors.
I was watching a movie when it went BANK and seconds later again BANG, so I wondered ..."TF is going oBANG third time.

That was all until I unplugged it - the movie was still playing all the time so its not the panel or anything.

From my knowledge there must have been 3 capacitors blown up near where the powercord goes in.

I now need a repair guy who can take a look and just replace whats damaged, and NOT tell me "Oh Sir the TV is gone and there's nothing we can do", just to get a totally working tv from me.

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Xtreme, 3 years old - they have 2 service centers, but I just dont like that they overcharge me for just 3 blown capacitors.
Its a 65" big thats why I dont need a guy that is eager to get it cheap by telling me "theres nothing we can do anymore..." lol

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