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New Toy RC car

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Just received - 9 days total from ordering - car + 5 batteries = P2,290 (1800 for car +1, and P100 for each extra) w/ shipping.

It is not proportional throttle or steering and slow  maybe 10 / 12 kmh

Batteries listed as 2,000mAh at 7.4V - have seen running time listed as high as 30 min :biggrin_01: - realistic probably 15/ 20 - my time - 19 Min in small tiled area - smaller versions available  (20 cm 1:18 and 28 cm 1:16) and much quicker.

Control distance (freshly charged) 45 M, climbing, 40 deg x 36" plasterboard

Only complaints - roof is thin metal with sharp edges / added strap. added Velcro closure to battery compartment to eliminate needing screwdriver





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Did it last the testdrive?
Where to get?

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4 hours ago, East Saxon said:


Shopee - but available on Lazada also - anywhere from P700 to P2,000 - depends on size and number of batteries

Almost all supply only 3 max  - my vendor said he'd go for 5 total (P100 each for the extra 2) - same battery single was P400.

Make sure vendor supplies 2,000mAh not 1,600 - guy on FB was charging P3,500 with 1,600 - sold out


4 hours ago, Goetz1965 said:

Did it last the testdrive?
Where to get?

Yep - learned a few things - make sure all wheel screws are tight - take off front bumper for climbing curbs  - surface is critical (climbed stone curb `1/2 the height of car from standstill but not plastic 1 1/2 L bottle without some speed.

Not good at left hand throttle / right steering - found the "gangsta pistol grip"  works for me

The top strap is a must and the battery cover Velcro makes changing batteries as snap.

For Ni-Cad batteries learned to run down all the way to prevent "memory set"

Vid is rather  accurate - notice kid could keep up with it


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Love one of these ,A real one would be even better. There used to be a real one parked on the street in 1984 that Pete's Kitchen was in, 50 mts from Colon. Immaculate..


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