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Oxazepam or Seresta

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Hi guys, i,m a long term user( +30 years) of Seresta, not on regular basis but now and then, or when needed.

now i found out that not no  farmacy, not even  Mercury drugstore,  sell this medicine, it look like it's not allowed in Philippines.

the medicine is worlwide known and used a lot, did any of you had the same problem and how did you solve it?
I really need it for sleeping sometimes and if i feel a lot of unrest.

is there maybe any other simular medicine?
i was advised by a phsychiatrist to use  quetialine but that's for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression with terrible side effects, no way that i will use that.

i can also order online but might have a problem with Philippine's custom and who will enjoy that 😁

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Had same problem with my high blood pressure meds - take do to age - not available here -  had pharmacy look up equivalent here - got a doctor to write prescription after checking with my doc in US.




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Oxazepam en seresta are the same, i believe seresta is a brand with Oxazepam.

It is marketed under many brand names worldwide, including: Alepam, Alepan, Anoxa, Anxiolit, Comedormir, durazepam, Murelax, Nozepam, Oksazepam, Opamox, Ox-Pam, Oxa-CT, Oxabenz, Oxamin, Oxapam, Oxapax, Oxascand, Oxaze, Oxazepam, Oxazépam, Oxazin, Oxepam, Praxiten, Purata, Selars, Serax, Serenal, Serepax, Seresta, Séresta, Serpax, Sobril, Tazepam, Vaben, and Youfei.

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If you cant obtain your drug of choice maybe give generic lyrica a shot (pregabalin, watson drugs has their own generic brand, there are also other generics; over the counter).  Different modes of action but  both have uses for anxiety and such.  Lyrica may not help you sleep faster but it might help you sleep better.  I came across it to offset restless leg syndrome that raised it's surprisingly nasty head when withdrawing from tramadol taken during and after shoulder surgery.   I noticed it helped with sleep and made for some cool dreams.  

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