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Philippine Postal Office still not sending mail to US?

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Got this email yesterday, we had applied for a birth certificate from PSASerbilis. I was surprised, I thought when the flights started back, the mail would have started. As it's not a rush, I will wait and avoid the FedEx charge.

I forgot to mention earlier that this was supposed to go to the US.



This is regarding your document request in PSA Serbilis.

Please be informed that we have processed your request. However, your request’s status is on pending dispatch and delivery of document due to Philippine Postal Office’s service suspension to other countries. 

We regret to inform you that the Philippine Postal Office is currently not accepting deliveries to the country that you have specified. We seek for your understanding on the current situation. As an option, if you are in urgent need of your document, you can take advantage of the special courier delivery via FedEx. Please see reference below for more information about this special delivery:

Special courier service for PSA Serbilis for delivery addresses outside the Philippines is through FedEx. Delivery charges for this special courier service shall be to your account. Please visit www.fedex.com for the rates and delivery schedule.


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Good to know you can request from overseas.

When we left I got 10 certified copies of each kid's.  :wink: 


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