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7 Abu Sayyaf Fighters Killed in Sulu Clash


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7 Abu Sayyaf fighters killed in Sulu clash – The Manila Times

ZAMBOANGA CITY – At least seven Abu Sayyaf fighters were killed following a sea chase that erupted in a gun battle early Tuesday off the southern Filipino province of Sulu, security officials said.

“All seven Abu Sayyaf were killed in the clash. Retrieval operations are going on. The bodies sunk, the motor boat sunk, but we have combat divers in the area,” said Maj. Gen. William Gonzales, commander of the anti-terror Joint Task Force Sulu.

Gonzales said they were monitoring the movements of the Abu Sayyaf and intercepted their speedboat. “Actually, our operations began shortly before midnight and from there we were monitoring the motorboat of the Abu Sayyaf until we launched the assault at around 2:15 in the morning” he said, adding, troops surrounded the battle area and for three hours searched for the bodies of the Abu Sayyaf. All of them are killed.”

Citing intelligence reports, Gonzales said the militants were on their way to Surigao province to kidnap businessmen and resort owners. “That’s their target, businessmen and resort owners in Surigao,” he said.

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