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Got hit again - had to replace a fender

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Replaced tires / rims 1st thing after getting Multicab with larger width.  Tires stuck outside of wheelwell, splashed mud up onto body. Had fenders installed, Also made mudflaps from bedliner material and riveted in place.

Just before Ramos market coming from Colon road is very marrow - me left hand lane - van in right - he drifts over - I have motor passing me on left - hit horn - he dosen't stop in time - brushes front right fender - gets out - yelling  - then sees I'm a foreigner pointing at my dash cam - stops yelling. Of course people start gathering and traffic backing up  - I said "it's OK - go on"

This is what he did to the fender. Ordered a set of 4 from Shopee for P605 (800cm x 300cm). Installed last night. Learned a few things.

1. Wheelwells on Multicab are smaller than on a car.  Had to bend to get to conform.

2. Bending increased the projection of the fender.

3. Previous fenders were made from fiberglass to fit the wheelwell (tried to buy online - couldn't find)

4. Small portion after door is flat - no bending required so didn't match after cutting to allow door to open. Added poprivets to both sections so deformation matched.

Used cardboard as template for 1st 2 holes, then eyeballed rest. Small drill to find hole then larger for clearance.








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