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What did you have to eat?

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Busted Dick

Pretty good meal. When I first encountered boiled okra I almost threw up at the slimy, gluey texture. However I tried okra again at a 'proper' Filipino restaurant and found it to be very good, stir fried with garlic and tomatoes; my wife cooks it that way every time now. 

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On 10/1/2020 at 10:54 PM, lamoe said:

Nah - I get her whatever spice, equipment, utensils she wants. She's also really into presentation.

Gas Stove / oven, microwave, air fryer, deep fryer, convection oven, round electric skillet, toaster, and of course rice cooker.

This what I get in return







Wow - that is easily restaurant quality, and even better because you know what ingredients went into everything.


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6 hours ago, Chris24 said:


Wow - that is easily restaurant quality, and even better because you know what ingredients went into everything.


Chop flavor was as good as the Sus Vide,and much quicker  without needing pan searing to get them to appetizing color.

Bonus was the drippings for dipping :1frog:

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On 10/1/2020 at 8:24 PM, M.C.A. said:

I haven't had peanut butter with the crushed peanuts in a long time, interesting, I like the peanut butter in the morning or later on at night.

On 10/2/2020 at 1:04 AM, lamoe said:

Make my own - buy no-skin peanuts in Carbon (unit #2 - several vendors) P80 Kg for small uncooked, 110 for large uncooked,120 large cooked no salt, 130 large cooked salted (too much salt).

I get the large uncooked ones -  Tata dosen't trust the oil they use,  deep fry for 75 / 80 sec  - spread out on paper in big metal bowl to stop cooking - let cool down a little - blend / chop about 2 cups to crunchy size I like then another 2 cups to smooth consistency, adding veggie oil very sparingly (fine line between smooth and runny).

Hint heating peanuts in microwave a little helps extract the oil if precooked and cold. Add just a small amount of salt.  Sugar if want to.

Once smooth add the crunchy ones back in just enough to blend.

BTW - peanut butter is about P250 / 600 g for local variety in Metro.

Our blender is only 600 Watts so constantly ramping up / down scooping off sides, until smooth.

I use the small ones for bar peanuts - great with beer

2 cups - fry -  45  / 55 sec - don't bother cooling,  oil helps spices stick - add spices (Chipolte  Powder, a little Garlic Salt, a lot of Garlic Powder, Chili Power) :biggrin_01:

Killed my blender making peanut butter :(

My blender was an Oster 600W - made 5 batches using 1 kg peanuts (large non-skin). 6th batch was the small skinned ones shortly after cooking.

Overdid the amount I guess, overheated blender and burned out motor. Have overheated old Oster blender in states occasionally, let reset , no problems. This one, after first time, 10 sec and would stop.

Noticed the large cooked ones generated more oil than the small ones when processing and the latent heat of the nuts themselves shortly after cooking may have been a factor.

Went on a hunt for a food processor (most online vids recommend them). 7 stores in Colon area, 2 Metro, 5 on Osmena. big Metro had 1 (500 W), wanted bigger. Others "no stock".

Got a Phillips (650 W - P5,980 is P5,000 on Lazada) at Asian Home. Didn't want to wait 2 /3 weeks. Even they said no stock but saw one in window after giving up.

Not sure of results yet since I used the semi-processed ones along with the ones unprocessed. I will say I like the texture better. Very gritting not overly chunky (my preference).

Showed Tata the attachments - "you use - I don't want" :tongue_01:

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Since I am tred of having rice, decided to have a simple veggie salad 


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