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Multiple Earthquakes strike England!

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"A town in Bedfordshire has experienced two earthquakes in one day.
It is the third and fourth time people in Leighton Buzzard have felt tremors in the space of two weeks.
The British Geological Survey (BGS) confirmed a 3.0-magnitude earthquake happened just north of the town at about 09:30 BST and a 2.1-magnitude tremor occurred at about 13:40.
People reported their houses "jolting and shaking" when the larger quake struck.

Matt Stewart, who lives about 1.5 miles (2.4km) from Leighton Buzzard in Eggington, was one of those who felt the larger earthquake, and said the tremors "almost shook me out of bed".

"It was as big as the first one, I think," he said. "My wife ran downstairs and said, 'oh no, not another one'."

BBC link

A 3.0 and a 2.1? in just one day? Jeepers!

I somewhat question whether you would even feel a 2.1 tremor. Geeze these Poms are sensitive. They also perish of heatstroke when the temperatures soar to 30C (86F!). 

By comparison heres a list of today's quakes in the Philippines and it ain't even noon yet. Oh and it's 32C but everybody seems to be carrying on as normal, lol...


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Pit we can't get some of that rain here in Queensland Australia, again we are in drought conditions I believe, is so dry here, it been like that for many years off and on.

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It’s all relative innit?

While the Philippines gets 20+ seismic events per day, the UK probably gets 1 or 2 a year. Mind you, observing that a magnitude 3 “nearly shook me out of bed” might be a bit of classic British overstatement. 

With respect to rain, I’ll take the rain here in the Philippines any day. 21 days of grey, overcast and on/off light rain and drizzle, the longest period of continuous rainy days that I can recall (summer of 2007), was very depressing! I think I can also guarantee that anyone who has experienced a week of freezing drizzle in the winter would be complaining about “rainy Britain”!

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