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House May Be Sold

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The renter in bottom offer to rent top for 60 and watch and rent bottom in a 2 year contract so full would be 113 minus maint but then i am taking a loan in az for 450.000 and if goes south i am in wrong country to fix if i was in country i would take that deal but from 7000 miles away risky . Surprising is 2 very solid offers one on fence all have someone in family wanting car 

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Well looks like its not going to happen second buyer also not interested in waiting till jan 2021 especially with wife saying i want to be there in person but not sure when i can come you know the new

If the house.is not sold wife says its because i like it here if sold wife says its because i want to come back here men never win

i was not going to bring this up but   I had the house listed in here for.220 000 us net no serious bites and a.few low ball offers   well sold for 269.000 and i have 2 back up offers 

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