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luminary podcasts how to get? vpn?

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seeing that a recent episode of daniele bolleli's history on fire podcast deals with the 1945 cabanatuan raid reminded me that i need to find a way to access luminary podcasts (not available yet in your country...).   i like his podcasts but haven't listened in some time so it went off the radar, and i see he is now on luminary.   the most recent episode, sex in ancient rome, seems to have some promise also. 

so, does anybody do luminary here?  i've never tried to use a vpn, i know they've been discussed here, does that seem to be the way to go?

currently replacing the termite ridden upstairs flooring, need things to listen to, it's either work this out or go through the archives of useful idiots. 

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I just got the same message, not available yet in your country (Saudi). Turned on the VPN and tried...guess it was smarter than me and saw it's cookie. Changed from Firefox to Chrome and it came up. Didn't go any further since I didn't have a subscription. So yes, it should work with a VPN there.

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Slightly off topic, but the Opera browser offers a free vpn. Has worked well here,  Yahoo comes up in a nordic language. Opera is based on the Chromium engine so it is familiar.

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