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I'm back again - with Globe Fibre where it's not supposed to be!

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Was "offline" some days due to moving and beeing busy.

We moved from Lahug bac to Inayawan where we had lived 3 years before. Smaller house but also much cheaper and much better landlord. 60sqm is now 14k, 3 small rooms and 2 cr

Moving was no problem as our neighbour there has 2 closed trucks, we used the smaller one to access the small road to the subdivision and took 2 tours, cost was 5k for the truck and 2 guys. As most lipat bahay people here they were not much experienced so I explained them that filling the things into the truck is like playing tetris... Lol

Went to Globe to get my 50Mbit fibre transferred but they told me theres only 5Mbit dsl available - so I was shocked but then agreed. But then the technician shows up and says "Im here to install your fibre" - when I showed him the copper he nodded and said he cant use that. Then he went off and 4 hours later phoned us that he found a fibre line BUT that he cant install because my order was for a new dsl and my old fibre was already for termination. Yeah when I heard I get only copper dsl I said ok kill the old contract....

So I went to SM City to wait in line - was told im no.15 in line and the website told me "15 minutes waiting"  ha ha ha. After 90 minutes waiting only 4 customers were serverd (with 3 agents working) so I gave up. Thought I go to Robinsons and hope theres less customers.
Arriving at Robinsons galleria the shop is empty at lunchtime - so I told them my problem only to hear that they cannot process a "transfer of line" as they are a different franchise and just dont have the tools for that. Hello Globe Marketing Managment - why do your shops look all same when you literally have different shops that do different services? Maybe someone should replace those managers with capable people?

Ok, after wasting time at Robinsons I went to SM Seaside and guess what - had to wait in line again - took another 2 hours to reach an agent but she said I better go to SM City where my original order was processed... But she also noticed that I was frustrated a bit so she told me she will check with the guys at SM City. And true next morning around 10am I got an email from here that she fixed everything and the technician will come next day.

Technician really showed up the next day and installed a fibre line. From the map of Globe they show you in the shop the accesspoint is at least 478m away, so those guys were busy climbing poles.... But all went good, I got a new modem and guess what, when I accessed its IP for the admin console the password was same than the old modem - 3 years and a new modem and no change.... so admin password was the first thing I changed now ha ha I had 50Mbit and upgraded to 100Mbit now - but WiFi was terrible slow - only 20-30Mbit down in the 2.4GHz band. As my iMac and PC are LAN connected they had 100+MBit son next day I had more time and activated also the 5GHz band and boom wifi speed there was better than expected. The technician showed me that the line can do 80MBit easily - and I now have usually 150MBit down and 50-60MBit up.

Maybe because when my gf chattet with the guys whike installing and it was already after 12noon they said they hadnt eaten lunch yet.

Thats when I usually say "WHo works for me, eats with me" - and my gf bought some lunch for 200php. So both technicians then had a good and free lunch at my home - and they sure will help quick with any problem I might have in my line in the future :-)

Neighbours are now jealous as they only have slow dsl or pldt and im the only with broadband yet ha ha ha

Only drawback, I tried to use the old globe router they left with me to use it as an accesspoint but its bricked in a way I cant get that to work.
Hope I can sell it at facebook for a simple accesspoint...

House then is also fixed mostly, 3 split type aircons installed by my gf cousin - uninstall in lahug and reinstall in inayawan costed me 15k but thats ok as the cousin has 2 small kids and the money stays in the family that way.

Now I can continue to become a YouTube influencer - and as links are not allowed here you must find GoetzSaCebu yourself on YouTube to watch what Im doing ha ha ha.

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Globe stores are terrible, my experience with ayala mall branch (living in lahug) was just a joke.
Went there for fast internet, they said it was not possible, max speed is 20mbps.
Okay fine, better than nothing.
Installed the next day.
Went back once more asking for faster internet (fiber already installed), again, "not possible, 20Mbps is the max speed for this address".

After a week, installed the globe app, noticed that you can request upgrades through that, so I thought what's the harm, and requested an upgrade.
Behold, the next day, 50Mbps approved.
So I did it again, and done, 100Mbps approved.

The router I got from globe was pure trash though, so I had to buy a proper one separately in order to get the advertised speed over wifi (cable was fine), globe router is also missing a bunch of features.

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Or pldt if they have it 


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