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Will there soon be a revolutionary govt


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(First, I had to go to Thursady to find a post related to th Phillippines,, maybe 100+ posts...so maybe this not so relevant in the forum)

The Philippines is not new to govt. change, but I heard some rumors around a week ago from well connected persons. So, today I got a message saying that now it is even on the news, so I googled it. What is unsual is that such a revolutinary govt. is discussed openly and even organsised openly. The funny thing is that the new leader would be the same as the old, DU30. That gives the advantage to change the consitution with his influence and also having a time period (as long as he needs) under martial law. Of course several factors are currently favoring such move, COVID as one of good excuses. Also, you need support from ouide, unlike last time it will not be the US (as was with Marcos), but China and Russia who will the gap.

This move would also help Sara Duterte, who, no secret here, is already groomed and is already deep within the military, to be the next President. This would virtually assure her being the next President and having the military support.

Lets see how it will play out in the near future, but better not to close.





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