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Do local banks no longer accept foreign ATM/debit cards?


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3 minutes ago, rfm010 said:

That's what i've used, no problems except with lazada.  With lazada i had to call chase to get the order verified, ended up talking to a cute (at least in my imagination) girl in a makati call center.  On a side note she said lazada and visa dont always play well together.  

Have you tried calling chase?

No, I have only dealt with the Chase website. My son also uses Chase and he has my login and password and lives at my US home address, and he did call Chase on my behalf on a debit card sent to an old address. I personally have only ever used the website to check balances or renew expired debit cards. But they worked with my son to help resolve my issue. That is why renewing a card and getting it sent here is so easy for me.


And she may just exceed your imagination. One thing I have to verify before I renew the card is if VISA is the cause of my current ATM issue. 

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On 7/28/2020 at 4:45 PM, to_dave007 said:

I believe so.

Yes it does... I am traveling into the city in the morning to try to discover what exactly is the problem. 

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On 7/28/2020 at 7:06 PM, Paddy said:

My Canadian ATM card (TD Canada Trust) has a chip and contactless payment - so effectively state of the art. A while back it stopped working here. I spoke to the bank, including the loss prevention folks. They said they could see the failed transaction attempts and guessed it was a chip issue. I have yet to request a replacement card (waiting to see improved courier performance). Only one bank machine here  (Legazpi Savings) identified a chip error. All the others, including BDO and Metrobank, just gave up the ghost - either at the beginning or mid-transaction. The Legazpi Savings machine reported “not a  smart card” so obviously could not detect the chip. 

I had a similar problem with an older version of the card back in Canada. It didn’t seem to like gas pump card readers in the winter. New card solved the problem. 

I’ll get a replacement card “soon” and try again. 

The OP’s problem is probably the lack of chip. 

The card does have a chip, it expires on 9/20 so I will be contacting the US bank to issue a new card...


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The chip contacts may be dirty.  Sometimes I have to rub the chip on my pants a couple times to get the worn out register readers to work.  If you can, you might try rubbing a soft pencil eraser on the contacts before you try again.  Recently my USAA ATM stopped working at HSBC but it's not the chip.  It will give me balance info but not give me cash.  You might try to get a balance inquiry and then you'll know if it's the chip or something with your account or something between the RP and the US.

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