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Can I return to Cebu

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Dave the Rave

Hello members:  I have been lurking in the shadows as a guest for about 5 years. But now I have joined because I need specific information and advice.  I have a resident visa that I got back in the days when the Immigration office was in that cramped multi-story building near the Mandaue City Hospital.  Anyway, last year I had to return to the US for medical treatment that is now finished.  I missed my registration in January and February but I am sure some money will solve that problem.  But, the question is, can I return now?  If I land in Lapu Lapu will I be allowed into the country?  Is there a quarantine period?  Is life anything approaching normal?  Will I be able to drive down to Argao?  Any roadblocks on the road?    Thanks for your help and advice.   DTR   

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Welcome Dave.  You don't mention a wife so I'm assuming you don't have a 13A or you could come now.  If it's a 13 quota visa or SRRV then I think you come after 1 August but you also mentioned the AR in Jan-Feb which SRRVs don't have to do.  So is it a quota visa?  The AR is no problem and no penalty if you pay it soon after arrival since you can't pay that out of the country.  As for arrival I probably don't have to advise you to come here to CEB directly with no stop in Manila.  KAL and now Qatar have flights inbounding in CEB and perhaps Cathay Pacific but not many flights yet.  Arriving here you'll be required to have reservations at one of the approved quarantine hotels and you'll tested at the airport.  Results are supposed to be out in 24-48 hours.  See the MCIAA website for details.

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Salty Dog

@Dave the Rave  As much as possible, we try too keep relevant posts in relevant threads (Topics). 

As is normal with many new members, you've asked for info that’s spread across 5 or 6 current threads and sub-forums. 

Several members have posted flight info that could be of importance to many other members as well. I've moved these to the Flying In and Out of the Philippines Thread.  Dave you can find answers to current flight questions and Covid related arrival rules and regulations there. 

As members address some of your other questions, We will probably be splitting this thread into several others that are specifically related to one or more of your questions. 

Don't worry, we will try to make sure you get your answers and where they are posted.

If you havn't already done so, please read this announcement concerning the forum rules and guidelines...


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8 hours ago, Dave the Rave said:

P.S.  As an aside, the fabric of US society is coming apart.  It is difficult to believe and, quite frankly, accept that this is the same country I lived in for 50 plus years.  Levels of hostility and anger are at dangerous levels.  I want to go back to Argao soon. 


Welcome Dave.  I can relate.  I won't elaborate much because that would cross the boundary into politics which I stopped doing many years ago.   I doubt that history will view these times as more significant than the 60s with hippies, free love, the civil right movement, assassinations, Vietnam and so forth, but it sure does feel a bit surreal to living through these times right now.

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11 hours ago, Dave the Rave said:

I want to go back to Argao soon. 

Nice area.  

Um, you have been following what's been going on in the Philippines over the last couple of months, right?

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