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SpaceX pops huge Starship SN7 test tank on purpose in pressure test (videos)

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SpaceX pushed a massive tank for its latest Starship prototype beyond its limits Tuesday (June 23) in an intentionally explosive test in South Texas.

The Starship SN7 prototype tank ruptured during a pressure test at SpaceX's Boca Chica proving grounds, the second in just over a week for the spacecraft component. But where a June 15 test resulted in a leak, Tuesday's test was a bit more dramatic. 

Video cameras from the South Padre Island tourism site Spadre.com and NASASpaceflight.com watched as SpaceX filled the tank with super-chilled liquid nitrogen to test its ability to hold super-cold propellant during an actual launch. The tank eventually reached its limit and burst, spewing out billowing white nitrogen clouds. 

A close up from NASASpaceflight.com on Twitter , captured by Starship watcher Mary (also know as BocaChicaGal), shows the moment the tank ruptured. The tank pops and collapses, sinking into the nitrogen plumes. 



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Love what SpaceX is doing.  and at least Elon has a plan that is not just to hang around Earth..

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