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Salty Dog

An Important Reminder for All Users Concerning Site Guidelines

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Salty Dog

In recent months, we have seen a surge of posts that violate our site guidelines and have impacted the general mood across the forum. Our moderators have been working tirelessly to address this issue; however, as the issue continues, we decided to remind everyone of site guidelines. We ask all users to take the time to read this announcement to help LinC return to a more civil forum.


Dear LinC users,

 The Living in Cebu Forums (LinC) was created as a forum for visitors, expats, and locals to come together to discuss topics and happenings in Cebu and throughout the Philippines. However, in recent months, we have seen a surge of posts that violate our site guidelines and have impacted the general mood across the forum.

 Let us remind you that posting about politics outside of the “Philippine Politics Forum” and the “Comfort Room Forums” is strictly forbidden. This includes the mention of political parties, political individuals, or any political topics, including political humor. Even with warnings and reminders of this rule, users continue to post about politics. We will now begin giving out temporary bans to any user who violates this rule. If users continue to defy this rule, longer or even permanent bans will be given.

 In addition, discussion on LinC should remain respectful and considerate. Negatively directed posts are not allowed. That goes double for bashing the Philippines and Filipinos which should be obvious for both ethical as well as legal reasons. We know that it can be a fine line when discussing the bad of visiting and living in the Philippines. Let’s at least be deferential when discussing such topics though.

 Negative posts directed at other users will be deleted, and any user who continues to disregard this rule will be subjected to a temporary or permanent ban.

 We understand that during these tumultuous times, it is cathartic to come to the forum and discuss everything happening on the news and in our community. We encourage open discussion, and welcome everyone with different backgrounds and viewpoints. All we ask from our users is respect towards each other, regardless of differing opinions, and respect towards our site guidelines.

If you wish to review our site guidelines, you can find them here: Forum Rules.

You will find discussions concerning rules, as well as helpful discussions on the forums operation in How to Use This Forum.

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