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PLDT Fibr installation

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17 minutes ago, MickyG said:

yes I now need just one working port on the pldt modem.......ho hummmm

Micky, I may have missed it but have you tried resetting your PLDT router?  There's several YouTube Videos on this.

I had to do this once and it fixed everything, but that was on my PLDT DSL.

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Thanks for your replies.  I'm trying to order this from their website so it is a little sparse on information on what is included besides the connection.  The fact they offer routers for you to buy ma

This is what I use because I have multiple desk tops and only one port out of my PLDT Fiber Wifi unit, I've seen these sold in many places, there's also a much faster unit but I forgot the brand but 

I'd be happy to get 2.5 mbs! Wish I still had fiber optic

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you must have missed my reference to my wife's opinion of me and u tube tutorials.In fairness i think she said that after reading multiple comments on the u tube page from those who followed the instructions  to no avail

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I upgraded my PLDT ADSL internet to Fiber Optic asking that the same features be maintained and have discovered that I am being charged an additional Peso 204.10 per month for the privilege of having the IDD/NDD feature available.

I have henceforth cancelled it, as my overseas calls(IDD) only amount to roughly Peso 360.00 per annum.

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