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British National Dies at Chong Hua Hospital

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2 hours ago, to_dave007 said:

If I was that friend.. then when I receive the bill..  I would (maybe even politely) tell the hospital staff where to put it.  Would be one of my last deeds in favor of my friend.  A hollow victory no doubt..  but sometimes they are the best. 

I think I would reply to the bill with legal action. Negligent homicide or whatever they call it here. 

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13 hours ago, enoonmai said:

There are too many unknowns but I would guess he was complaining of trouble breathing so they assumed he was positive.

The ambulance crew probably knew the other hospitals were not accepting patients as well and CHH is where they usually take foreigners so they stayed there, no other choice.

The hospital left him untreated for 8 hours and presented his friend with a bill for services of P39k after he died. Beyond stupid and heartless. 

The ambulance crew obviously cared for him. At least he had that.

Thanks you for your more positive analysis.  

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4 hours ago, SkyMan said:

I think I would reply to the bill with legal action. Negligent homicide or whatever they call it here. 

I'm sure some atty would be happy to accept your money ( maybe 100,000 to start considering you wanted to file a criminal case against a hospital!). Of course they would laugh you out of court for suing  for homicide coz you arent dead!

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21 hours ago, Goetz1965 said:

 It also shows that most rich people here have no common sense and in real don't care about others!

I agree. If the people going to the hospital for treatment had common sense and cared about others they would give their EXPENSIVE cars to the poor and ride a jeepney to the hospital instead.   

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On 6/17/2020 at 10:42 AM, Slammer said:

died after at least seven hospitals refused to admit her as they were already full of patients.

This.  For some reason, it seems hospitals in and around Cebu are struggling to provide bed space to the sick. Couldn't be that COVID thing as Cebu is reported as not having an overwhelming number of cases.


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I thought the frontliners were your new heroes!  The people who are supposed to save the country from the evil covid19 and all that.  This is a "you are on your own society" if there ever was one.

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To your reply regarding travel insurance  rfm010, I visited the Philippines around 14 times, I always get travel insurance the main reason !am 74 this year the travel insurance had medical and sickness cover, at my age  you got more of a risk getting sick or having something serious go wrong with you, it would cost very big money otherwise

The company I use is Webjet is a travel agent they use an insurance company to cover you.and there are other travel insurance places as well, you elect what cover you want, I was lucky getting sick there , I would hate to get seriously sick like this poor man waiting for 8 hours to get admitted, and I heard of other  people getting sick there having problems, always be prepared for the little cost of getting travel insurance it worth it who knows when you going to get sick.you find here in Australia all travel agents have their places you can get travel and sickness cover , let be honest its worth the cost, I think it cost me around $200 for cover, thats a small amount it worth it to me that covers both my wife and myself.

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I checked this morning at the DofH COVID page..  https://ncovtracker.doh.gov.ph/

Sobering result.

Facility Utilization Data from DofH COVID web site for June 17/2020, for Chong Hua Fuente, Chong Hua Mandaue, and Cebu Doctors combined:
 - 17 of 21 ICU beds occupied (81%)
 - 211 of 215 Isolation wards occupied (98%)
 - 50 of 50 ward beds occupied (100%)
 - 15 of 16 mechanical ventilators in use (94%)

In other words, COVID capacity at these three hospitals is pretty much fully in use.  If you get seriously sick today, don't go to one of these three for emergency treatment just now... for anything.  There ARE other hospitals..  and likely a good idea to try one of the others.  I didn't check at DofH site.


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Locsin apologizes to U.K. for British man's death in Cebu City hospital

Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr says the British man waited some 8 hours in an ambulance at the Chong Hua Fuente hospital before dying of cardiac arrest

Sofia Tomacruz

MANILA, Philippines – Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr on Thursday night, June 18, offered his apologies to the United Kingdom following the death of a British man who waited hours to be treated at a hospital in Cebu City.

Locsin said the British man named "Barry" died on Wednesday, June 17, from cardiac arrest after waiting in an ambulance for 8 hours outside the Chong Hua-Fuente hospital. He added the man had initially been turned away by the Chong Hua-Mandaue hospital before going to the Chong Hua-Fuente hospital.

"He never complained; got cardiac arrest; doctors didn’t help. He died. Shame. Abject apologies to UK," Locsin tweeted Thursday night.

Coronavirus cases have risen sharply in Cebu City, which has been placed under lockdown or an enhanced community quarantine – the strictest level of community quarantine in the country.

On Thursday, majority of the new cases (299 of 562) reported in the Philippines came from Central Visayas, which includes Cebu City. The rise in case has led to reports of hospitals turning away patients due to the near-full utilization of critical care facilities.

Experts earlier found Cebu City had a reproduction number of 2 as of June 11 – a figure that means the pandemic was still spreading in the area. Experts earlier noted the goal for areas is to bring their reproduction number down to below 1 in order to say the outbreak has been managed.

The rise in new cases have led to Cebu province becoming the country's "second major battleground" in the pandemic, according to experts keeping watch of the numbers. If current trends continue, experts projected the province may see 11,000 cases by June 30.

The Philippines counted 27,799 confirmed coronavirus cases on Thursday, including 1,116 deaths and 7,090 recoveries.


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On 6/18/2020 at 12:50 PM, Irenicus said:

This.  For some reason, it seems hospitals in and around Cebu are struggling to provide bed space to the sick. Couldn't be that COVID thing as Cebu is reported as not having an overwhelming number of cases.


Not enough staff is the reason 

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