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Posting Screenshots of Articles & Facebook Posts

Salty Dog

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Salty Dog

I've recently noticed that some members rather than cutting and pasting articles are just taking a screenshot or screen capture of the article and posting that. 

There are several problems with this.

  • The contents of the article can't be found in a search because the search feature can't search what's in a photo.
  • Other members can't selectively quote the article.
  • They are often blurry or too small to read.
  • The file size of a photo is much larger than the same article in text. Remember many members have slow internet.

Yes, there are photos in the form of MEMEs all over the forum. However, most are designed for use online, so the file size is usually much smaller than a screenshot or screen capture. Besides, most of these are in a humorous thread, not in a news or informational forum or thread. 

Some members get much of their information from Facebook (FB) these days. Some FB posts are made up of photos only. Especially when they contain charts, graphs, and copies of letters and official notices. However, most of the informational posts on FB contain text and can be cut and pasted as easily as any other source. If the FB post contains photos or is made up of only a photo, you should at least post the photo as opposed to posting a screenshot of it. Very few FB news articles are original though. They are usually a repost of something found elsewhere on the internet and most often have the source listed. If a source isn't listed, then maybe you shouldn't post it as factual news. Those of you who post screenshots of FB posts may have noticed that staff has been locating these articles from sources (often listed in the FB post) and replacing or adding the text version to your forum posts. Something that you could just as easily do yourself.

Many Philippine Government Agencies use FB as one of their main ways of communicating with the public. They often post letters and notifications that are barely readable. However, most important information these agencies post on FB is disseminated by multiple news agencies where it is readable and often contains more information than a short post on FB.

There are instances where the only option for posting a FB post, is a screenshot of the FB posts. This should be the exception rather than the rule though.


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Plus, the meme type news posted by the papers is often not quite right.  I prefer to find the actual EO or whatever.  The problem is that the news agencies rush to be the first to put something out so they tend to be ahead of the gov't posting.

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