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Transiting passengers at Changi from Australia and New Zealand

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Found this this morning, may be of interest to Au and Nz traveller's... 


Singapore Airlines (SIA) and SilkAir passengers flying from some cities in Australia and New Zealand are now allowed to transit through Changi Airport to any destination in the SIA Group network currently operated by SIA, SilkAir or Scoot.

These transit flights are only for outbound journeys from a few cities in Australia and New Zealand, said SIA in a statement posted on its website.

In Australia, these cities are Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth (Scoot), and Sydney.

In New Zealand, these cities are Auckland and Christchurch.

Passengers will not be able to transit from other points in the SIA Group network through Singapore into these cities, the carrier noted in a statement.

“Customers should ensure that they meet the entry requirements for their final destination,” said SIA.

Transfers are only allowed on flights between airlines within the SIA Group (Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and Scoot). Transfers to and from flights operated by other airlines “is currently not permitted”, SIA added.

In its announcement, SIA said transit and non-transit passengers will be kept apart at Changi Airport “in line with regulatory requirements”.

When passengers transit through Changi Airport, they will be given a wristband, which indicates their access to the designated transit holding area.

“They should not remove the wristband throughout the time they are in the transit holding area,” said SIA.


More here... 


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From another link.....



Transfers are also only allowed on flights between airlines within the SIA Group - SIA, SilkAir and Scoot.  

Currently, transfers to and from flights operated by other airlines are not allowed. 


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