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Well, one benefit of these quarantine restrictions has been an abundance of cheap fresh fish here (NE Mindanao). A good percentage of the vehicle traffic by our house seems to be folks selling whole fish from tricycles/motorcycles.

Yellowfin tuna is going for 70 a kilo and skipjack tuna for 50. Hawal-hawal (fresh sardines) are about a 100 and flying fish around 80. Obviously this is odd because the yellowfin is the most desirable (and yummy). Haven't seen a price that low for yellowfin here in fifteen years. It's been explained to me that more folks are independently fishing in small banca boats but also the large fishing vessels can't get to the bigger city markets they customarily sell to.

Great news for the local folks since you get a lot more bang for your protein buck buying a kilo or two of fresh fish than a few cans of Mega sardines. There's not much actual fish in those tiny cans!

So we've been eating a lot of sashimi, curried tuna steaks, and even that Hawaiian poke dish. But I told the wife if she feeds us much more fish we can all swim to America and forget the sweeper flights, haha.


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When I saw cheap fish I thought this was going to be a mermaid joke!

Been seeing prices dropping on all meat here in western Leyte too. Not as cheap as yours but still a bargain. In April and May prices were rising almost out of control but dropped dramatically towards the end of May.

Wonder how it is for our Bros in Cebu City and Davao?

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I noticed here in Phoenix that pork and especially chicken were intermittently very cheap over the course of the lockdown.   Beef was intermittently expensive with some cuts difficult to find.   Not sure of all the market dynamics that led to that, between restaurant closures, production interruptions due to some of the mega-meat processing plants closing and other various effects of the lockdown.  For a while Wendy's was limited its burger sales to only single-patty burgers (when in stock) due to an interruption in its national supply chain.  I kind of figured that the very good quality beef would be more available and at reasonable prices due to upscale restaurants not buying nearly as much of it, but did not see that in effect.


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(Ormoc city prices)

Super jumbo shrimp 550p a kilo

one small lobster 75p (four bites)

one large lobster 600p a kilo

three medium sized lobster 700p per kilo

one big Ormoc pineapple 50p

three small “.         “.           100p

lapu lapu.      550p a kilo

tuna 400p 

camote at the market 30p per kilo

camote at Robinsons 160p a kilo

Notes for comparison.

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