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IS PAL the most mismanaged airline?

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6 hours ago, HeyMike said:

Last month I was checking the 3 airlines that I usually use... Asiana, EVA, and Cathay Pacific. When I was able to get prices, they were like $1200 and up round trip.

Canadian friend (married to Filipina here) just booked Cathay Pacific Vancouver>HK>Cebu for July 2 arrival.  His flight was free (no charge reschedule of earlier booking disrupted by COVID).  Will report his experience here when the time comes.  He is not expecting a "zero hassle" experience.  But fingers crossed anyway.

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Until things settle down I would not be attempting to fly anywhere. Only a true emergency would get me in a airplane at this time. There's a pandemic going on. I'm over 65 and have health issues.

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I am pretty sure Volaris Airlines may not be more mismanaged, but it has definitely been handled worse during this whole pandemic. They are kind of like a Spirit or AirAsia (budget airline) of Central America. 


After reading many of their reviews today, almost everybody said they will never spend another dollar with that airline.....

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Im shocked...My paypal account was just credited by PAL today dating from March 19 flight Davao-Panglao..I kind of wrote that one off...

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