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Most anything I go to order is OUT OF STOCK and , if available, has a delivery time of 4 weeks. 

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One thing I've learnt about Lazada is only ever use COD.

If ur tank is made out of metal,  then you be looking for one of these soon aswell... 3 or 4 years of water in it,  most likely rusted out, or close to it...

We use Lazada quite a bit living in the province. Some articles come through the Lazada warehouse and others are shipped directly from the seller or manufacturer. So we get shipments from NinjaVan, LB

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They're only open for 'essential' items, everything is set automatically to out of stock.

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Shoppee not working either (4me) ordered 17/3/20 - no shipping details since I placed the order.

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Amazon delivered via Lbc today. Took a lot longer this time, three weeks vs 3 days.

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Why does lazada let you go thru the whole process of ordering just to cancel next day? That is why i never pay in advance

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13 hours ago, sierra01 said:

One thing I've learnt about Lazada is only ever use COD.

Delivery guys for the most part don't complain  about waiting while you check package - just give them some water and food.

On 2/9/2020 at 5:27 PM, rfm010 said:

I understand that.  Unfortunately some of the full price stuff is also fake.   Also beware of OEM stuff, at least be aware that just because the label says, for example, makita, doesnt mean that it is makita.

Same with "seals of approval" and ratings  - rechargeable batteries in particular.

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Just received this this morning from Lazada and is FYI..I know most of this is standard advice. But just passing on. Sorry Lazada Header/Logo would not copy.


3 Things You Should Do to Keep Your Shopping Experience Secure

Hi Lazadanatic!

We have been receiving customer feedback on the appearance of fraudulent sellers and transactions on the platform, including individuals posing as Lazada personnel. We want to thank the community for bringing this to our attention, and are looking into the situation closely. Together we can safeguard a secure online shopping space.

Your security is of utmost importance to Lazada. To keep your shopping experience secure, please remember these 3 SIMPLE REMINDERS:


Lazada will never ask you to conduct payments and transactions outside the platform via money order, wire or bank transfer, bar codes, or other means. Payment of purchases should only be completed on our ‘Checkout’ page, through these safe and secure payment options:

  • Lazada Wallet
  • Credit/debit card
  • BDO Installment
  • GCash
  • Cash on Delivery (COD) – payment is given to our official delivery partner upon receipt of item


Sellers on Lazada's platform are not allowed to ask you to order and transact your payments outside the platform. Never accept or agree to payment instructions sent via “message” or “chat” on SMS, social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, and messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Viber. All payment instructions will be provided by Lazada on our secure Checkout Page.


Sellers on Lazada's platform are not allowed to ask you for your private, confidential, or personal data (name, phone number, email, bank details, etc.) through the “message” section of your Lazada App or other communication channels like SMS, WhatsApp, or Viber, among others. Sellers are also not allowed to e-mail nor call you to verify your account password, one-time pin, remittance code, credit card information, nor any other personal information.

REMEMBER: Do not proceed with payment/sale if you are not comfortable with the transaction.

If in doubt, you can report any suspicious sellers, messages, and transactions through this form or contact Lazada Customer Care.

As we make every effort to ensure the safety and security of your transactions, we encourage sellers and customers to practice safe online shopping. Please check out these links should you need more information on how to avoid payment scams and tips on how to buy items in Lazada.

Rest assured that we maintain a high standard of security to give our customers a safe online shopping experience.


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A couple weeks ago I ordered a couple items COD. The small item from NCR tracked to Consolacion but then returned because delivery attempt failed. No attempt was made to deliver.  The cement vibrator came from China and also fairly quickly considering it came from China.  It Came by XDE which hopefully is the replacement for Ninja Van.  When they pulled out the package I pulled out my box cutter.  They wanted me to sign first but I refused.  Sir, you have to sign before you can open.  I'm not signing that I received something or paying if I can't see what I've received. The boss says you can't open it until you've signed.  Then have the boss sign for it but I'm not signing for what could be a box of rocks. Finally they figured out they should let me open it. The other annoying thing was the guy says  it's p4,305 so I get my wallet out and count p4k. Then he says sign here so I hand him the 4k and say here's 4k, hold on. I take the clipboard and pen and before I can even find the place to sign he says sir, you're lacking 305 pesos. I just put the pen down and said Do you want me to pay or sign. Which 1 thing do you want me to do? Sir, please sign. So I will sign, and then I will pay. Is it ok if we do 1 thing at a time? Drawing it out a little to emphasize that barking a bunch of orders won't get him done any faster.  Geesh. 

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52 minutes ago, SkyMan said:

A couple weeks ago I ordered a couple items COD. The small item from NCR tracked to Consolacion but then returned because delivery attempt failed. No attempt was made to deliver. 

I also had a cod from there attempt fail same time. And they held it for almost 2 weeks. Something must have happened

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Finally figured out how to contact Lazada customer service via chat....

Easiest way is to use the app. Go to your account info and scroll to the bottom to chat with Customer Service. On a laptop go to the cleo bs bot and type human/view more/click something appropriate/human..... until you get an option at the bottom to chat with a cust care spec.

But if your problem is like mine, failed delivery, go here and fill out the form and wait a few days which is what the cust service rep will tell you anyway.


Supposedly after a couple days something will happen.


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Just had the same happening, my order consisted of 2 items, the other item luckily was already delivered 2 days ago.
But as the tracking shows, my parcel is sitting in the mandaue warehouse since july 1 - but wasn't delivered until I now got this message...

Chatted with Lazada now and they told me "LBS tells the parcel was damaged...", so that is why LBC doesn't deliver now.

But I guess LBC heard the rumours "next 4 days complete lockdown", and instead of just waiting it out" send back things because their warehouse is overflowing.....


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