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You act like this is something new...  Talk about what's going on anywhere you like as long as you leave politics out of it. There are thousands of posts on the pandemic that have managed to

Nih bioethics is not a company.  Got it?  Bioethics is a department within the nih.   Fauci heads a separate department.  Got it? Nih doesnt approve drugs for the fda.  Got it?  Drug testing is done b

From an on line Senior's website which I'm a Member  https://www.yourlifechoices.com.au/health/covid19/glasses-cut-covid-infections-study? This although not conclusive I found interesting as

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Italy's got troubles


February 22 (GMT):


With 50 total cases and 2 deaths, Italy now has the highest number of cases and deaths in Europe (more than tripling Germany in second place, with 16 cases).

Coronavirus cases have already more than doubled since yesterday.

There are now a total of:
- 37 cases in Lombardy region (including 1 death, 1 critical, and at least 14 serious cases).
- 10 in Veneto region (including 1 death and at least 1 critical case).
-   3 in Rome (including 2 recoveries).

20+ new cases today in Italy, including:
- 2 doctors, husband and wife (a pediatrician), in Pieve Porto Morone (Pavia, Lombardy).
- 5 new cases in Vò Euganeo (Padua, Veneto region).
- 1 in Cremona (Lombardy region).
- 1 in Sesto Cremonese (Lombardy region).
- 2 in Dolo and Mira (Veneto region).

 1 new death in Italy, a 75-year-old woman who was hospitalized a few days ago for pneumonia in the Lodi area (Lombardy region).

Hundreds waiting for test results. 10 towns, 50,000 people, placed in precautionary voluntary quarantine. Schools (full list), workplaces, municipal and private offices, 3 train stations, coffee shops, and public places closed in the affected towns.

Emergency meetings being held today.

The 38-year-old man near Lodi is in critical condition (mechanically ventilated in intensive care, according to his parents) and at least 14 contacts are in serious condition, according to doctors, and include:
- 5 health workers and doctors.
- 3 patients at the Codogno hospital.
- 3 elderly (in the 70s and 80s) clients of a bar run by the father of the man's friend.

"People must be distantiated right now, because this is a virus that is transmitted very effectively at close range" said the director of the infectious diseases department of the Higher Institute of Health, Gianni Rezza.

also other countries heating up


 1 new death and 10 new cases in Iran. [Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (IRINN)]

87 new cases in South Korea bringing the total to 433. Last few days progression of total cases in South Korea:

Feb. 22: 433 cases (current day, still in progress)

Feb. 21: 209 cases

Feb. 20: 111 cases

Feb. 19:  58 cases

Feb. 18:   31 cases

[country-level pages with statistics and graphs coming soon]

2 new cases in Australia (Victoria residents) from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, bringing the country's total to 21 (of which 6 repatriated from the cruise ship in Japan)

1 new case in Japan.

 142 new cases in South Korea, of which 92 linked to the Cheongdo Daenam Hospital, 38 to the Sincheon Daegu Church, and 12 unknown pending investigation.





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today's update comparison count from yesterday to now


78,635 total

2,459 deaths

22,940 recoveries

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 33 countries and territories around the world and 1 international conveyance (the "Diamond Princess" cruise ship harbored in Yokohama, Japan).[up 1 country from yesterday]



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"Hot spot" outbreaks with no know "carrier zero" could be due to wealthy Chinese getting themselves smuggled out?




Growing number of Chinese immigrants smuggled through San Diego border

By Kristina Davis

Sep. 23, 2017



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Coronavirus: How WHO Corruption Helped It Spread - slams US but praises China  - USDS - US derangement syndrome?



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On 2/21/2020 at 10:51 PM, GBT62 said:

believed to be responsible for infecting up to 300 people ... through their diarrhoea after a “virus-laden aerosol plume” wafted through the building’s air shafts

Somehow that phrase sort of jumped out at me. 

From statnews feb21 so a bit dated.  The part about the disease exporting from iran is interesting.  


The coronavirus is picking up steam outside China, narrowing chances of eliminating it 


There are worrying signs the coronavirus outbreak is entering a new phase, with spread outside of China — until recently at low levels — beginning to rapidly pick up steam.

Experts point to the sharp rise of the number of cases in South Korea, which went from 30 on Monday to 204 by Friday, and in Italy, which had no cases at the start of Friday and 16 at the end of it. Five of the infected people in Italy are health workers.

Iran — which began the week with no confirmed cases and ended it with 18, four of whom have already died — is a particular source of concern, having exported two cases within 36 hours of announcing it had found two patients infected with the virus. A traveler from Canada and another from Lebanon tested positive for the virus after returning home from Iran.


The fact that Iran is already exporting cases suggests transmission there is far more widespread than the official numbers would indicate, said Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy.

Support STAT: STAT is offering coverage of the coronavirus for free. Please consider a subscription to support our journalism. Start free trial today.

“I think people are missing the importance of a case like the Canadian traveler to Iran,” he said, referring to a case reported by health officials in British Columbia on Thursday. “This tells us that there has to be a much larger number of people infected in Iran and we’re literally just detecting the tip of the iceberg.”


Even Iranian health officials acknowledged that likelihood. “It’s possible that it exists in all cities in Iran,” health ministry official Minou Mohrez said, according to the official IRNA news agency.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization, resisted the notion Friday that the outbreak was at a tipping point. But he did tell reporters that the “window of opportunity” to stop spread of the virus is shrinking.

“Our window of opportunity is narrowing,” said Tedros, as he is known. “We need to act quickly before it closes completely.”

The WHO has been seeking funding to help developing countries prepare to cope with the outbreak and has been urging countries to prepare their health systems to respond, if efforts to stop spread of the virus fail.

“This outbreak could go in any direction. It could even be messy,” he warned. “What I’m saying is: It’s in our hands now. If we do well within the narrowing window of opportunity, we can avert any serious crisis. If we squander the opportunity, then there will be a serious problem on our hands.”

As of Friday there were nearly 77,000 cases reported globally, with all but 1,200 reported by China. There were also roughly 2,350 deaths.

The growth in the daily case count in China has been tamped down of late by the country’s extraordinary quarantine effort. Cities that are home to tens of millions of people have been on virtual lockdown for several weeks. While the apparent impact of those measures has instilled hope in some that there is still time to stop circulation of the virus, skeptics warn that disease levels in China could rebound when the country eases its movement restrictions and allows people to return to their jobs.

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