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On 11/20/2020 at 5:23 PM, Salty Dog said:

One of the world’s strictest new lockdowns bans outdoor exercising and dog-walking

South Australia began one of the world’s toughest lockdowns Thursday with even outdoor exercise and dog-walking banned as the state tries to contain a cluster of COVID-19 infections.


Turned out the lockdown was unnecessary :sad_01:.

Caused when a person working in a pizza shop lied to contact tracers, which led the health department to believe this outbreak was more infectious than it really was.


Lockdown ended after three days.

South Australia to end Covid lockdown early as premier 'fuming' over pizza lie

Steven Marshall says state would not have gone into six-day lockdown if it had been known man had worked at Woodville Pizza Bar

South Australia’s six-day lockdown will end three days early at midnight on Saturday after it was revealed a male who tested positive for Covid-19 had lied to contact tracers over working in a pizza bar where another case had worked.

The state’s premier, Steven Marshall, made the admission after contact tracers further investigated a male with Covid-19 who claimed to have only picked up a pizza from the Woodville Pizza Bar.

A security guard who tested positive from the Peppers medi-hotel for returned travellers had a second job at the restaurant, and because the person claimed to have just been a customer, health authorities feared a wide range of people may have been exposed to Covid-19 through casual transmission at the pizza bar.

After determining the person had in fact worked at the bar a number of times and was not simply a customer, he was deemed a close contact of the security guard who also worked there.

“To say I am fuming about the actions of this individual is an absolute understatement,” Marshall said.

“The selfish actions of this individual have put our whole state in a very difficult situation. His actions have affected businesses, individuals, family groups and is completely and utterly unacceptable.”

Marshall admitted the state would not have gone into its strict six-day lockdown if this information had been known at the time earlier this week, but said at the time it was “the absolute correct decision.”



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You make a stupid decision and blame the pizza guy.  Nice

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Let's remember this is part of the open forum. A couple of posts were hidden because they were condescending. If this is how you would like to post, take it to the CR...it's not appropriate in the open forum.

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Here we go!



The British government will reportedly introduce “freedom passes” and specialised passport certificates to people who have tested negative for the coronavirus, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce further regional lockdown restrictions following the end of the latest national lockdown in December.

The new normal that the British government is set to outline will reportedly include “freedom passes” for those who have two negative coronavirus tests per week. The government is also working with passport manufacturers to create coronavirus certificates for those that can prove they are free of the virus, according to The Telegraph.

The immunity certificate would be stored on people’s phones after they receive a letter, card, or document from the government on testing negative for the virus. It is thought that the pass will permit Britons to see members of their families, which is largely banned at the moment, as well as being able to travel without a mask.

A source told the paper that the certificates would “allow someone to wander down the streets, and if someone else asks why they are not wearing a mask, they can show the card, letter or an App,” adding that it would permit a person to “to see their family, and normal social distancing rules will not apply”.

It is not clear at the time of this reporting whether the government will be handing out the “freedom passes” to those who have been vaccinated.



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1 hour ago, fred42 said:

coronavirus certificates for those that can prove they are free of the virus, according to The Telegraph.

Currently that isn't possible.

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1 hour ago, SkyMan said:

Currently that isn't possible.

Plus so much faith on being negative at one second in time when you could have caught it 5 minutes after the test.

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Meanwhile, on Siargao...


Siargao to reopen to local tourists on Nov. 23

Okay, it's only been a day but no massive influx of tourists seen yet, lol. The island airport is due to re-open in a week on Dec. 1st so we'll see then. They've also done away with the quarantine on arrival requirement (for now). My resort-owning friends are reporting a good uptick in bookings for December; this island does see a lot of domestic tourism mostly originating in Manila. Very few international visitors around right now though, that's for sure. 



Siargao to reopen to local tourists on Nov. 23

MANILA, Philippines — Siargao Island is set to reopen to local tourists starting Nov. 23, according to the Department of Tourism (DOT) on Saturday.

In a statement, the DOT said that flights to the teardrop-shaped island located in Surigao del Norte, dubbed the Philippines’ surfing capital, will resume on Dec. 1.

The reopening of Siargao was confirmed by General Luna, Surigao del Norte mayor Cecilia L. Ruson through a local executive order, the DOT said.

To ensure everyone’s safety, the Siargao local government has set minimum health standards and COVID-19 testing for arriving tourists, in compliance with local COVID-19 management procedures and Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases directives, the DOT added.

For tourists arriving via Surigao City or Sayak Airport will be required an e-Health Pass with valid ID, negative RT-PCR result taken within 48 hours from point of origin, a five-day confirmed booking from an accommodation establishment with a Certificate of Authority to Operate (CAO) or Provisional Certificate of Authority to Operate (PCAO) from the DOT and a round-trip ticket or travel details.

“If RT-PCR is taken more than 48 hours of departure from point of origin, a negative antigen swab will be required on the day of arrival,” the DOT said of incoming tourists.

Meanwhile, for tourists from the province of Surigao del Norte, they will be required the following: a e-Health Pass with valid ID, certificate from Barangay Captain that Traveler is not a close contact; confirmed booking from an accredited DOT-accommodation establishment (AE).

For hotels and resorts in Siargao, these are the requirements needed before they can operate, according to the DOT: Business Permit; a certificate of Authority to Operate (CAO) from the DOT; e-health System Registration, e-health Pass or QR code reader and new normal protocols approved by the municipal health office.

A curfew will also be imposed on the island from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m., the DOT said.

DOT  Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat said that the reopening of the world-class island is “encouraging news for everyone who loves the sea, especially the surfers.”

“As Siargao reopens to travelers, subject to minimum health and safety standards, the people of the island will regain their livelihood and share their paradise to our kababayans once more with the same level of hospitality they have always been known for, “ Puyat said.


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  • 2 weeks later...


Stick-wielding cops to enforce distancing; hardheaded folk beware! 

MANILA, Philippines — The Joint Task Force COVID Shield will deploy stick-wielding officers in “social distancing patrols” to make sure people stay a good distance from each other, in compliance with regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to task force commander Lt. Gen. Cesar Binag.

Binag said the meter-long sticks or “yantok” — which are considered a weapon in Filipino martial arts — would be used by patrolmen to measure the distance between people in gatherings and hit those who are hardheaded and refuse to follow regulations.

“They’ll be carrying yantok. It will be 1 meter and will be used to enforce discipline, to measure, or to hit those who are hardheaded,” Binag said at the Laging Handa briefing.

He said the deployment of social distancing patrols was a directive from Philippine National Police Chief Gen. Debold Sinas.

More cops in crowded areas

An April 2020 press statement found on the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) website mentioned the deployment of a social distancing patrol in every station.

The patrol was composed of two to four policemen equipped with sticks and tasked with checking on areas where people gather.

“The maximized presence of personnel in proper uniform, face masks and gloves will be called social distancing ambassadors. This initiative aims to minimize the contagion of this virus especially in places of convergence and ultimately ensure the continuous delivery of extended police service to the entire Metro Manila,” read the statement from the NCRPO, which Sinas headed at the time.

Binag said the deployment of policemen and soldiers in areas of convergence in Metro Manila will be doubled for increased visibility.

These areas include public markets, shopping malls, churches, ports, and public transportation, he said.

The police chiefs will also request parish priests in their areas to hold more dawn Masses, to ensure that attendance would be spread out so people would not crowd churches.

Virus case update

On Friday, the Department of Health (DOH) recorded an additional 934 cases, pushing the national caseload to 436,345.

This is the second time in exactly a month that the country saw a three-digit increase in new infections.

Though 11 laboratories were unable to submit their data on time, the positivity rate stood at 4.7 percent, slightly below the World Health Organization’s benchmark of less than 5 percent.

Right to vaccine choice

Another 148 patients have recovered from COVID-19, raising the overall number of survivors to 399,457. But an additional 63 patients died, bringing the current death toll to 8,509.

The recoveries and deaths left the country with 28,379 active cases, of which 85.4 percent are mild, 6.9 percent asymptomatic, 0.28 percent moderate, 2.5 percent severe and 4.9 percent critical.

The DOH also said those to be prioritized in the government’s vaccination program have the right to choose which vaccine will be given to them once these become available in the country.

“All of this information regarding the benefits and the effects of these vaccines will be given to them, as well as what kind of vaccine will be provided. They have the right to know the type of vaccine that will be given to them,” Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said.

So far, only three—Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca—out of about a hundred companies developing a vaccine have shown their products to be effective but at varying degrees of efficacy.

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8 hours ago, Soupeod said:

Stick-wielding cops to enforce distancing; hardheaded folk beware! 

When I first saw the headline this is what came to mind...


Either way it should produce results.

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Philippines police threaten social distancing violators with caning

MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine police on Friday threatened to cane people who violate social distancing protocols as the Southeast Asian nation fights the spread of the coronavirus during the festive season.

The Philippines celebrates one of the world's longest Christmas seasons, starting as early as September, and crowds have started to flock to sprawling malls and shopping centres despite the pandemic.

Police general Cesar Binag, commander of the coronavirus task force, told a news conference that police and soldiers would patrol in public areas in the capital Manila, the hotspot of COVID-19 cases, carrying 1 meter rattan sticks to measure distancing.

"It can be used to cane the hardheaded," Binag said, adding that the "social distancing patrols" would focus on high-traffic areas such as transport hubs and public markets.

The plan will likely raise eyebrows with human rights advocates who have criticised the government's militaristic approach to the pandemic.

Authorities have apprehended, warned and penalised around 700,000 people since March for violating measures such as ignoring physical distancing and not wearing masks, police data shows.

President Rodrigo Duterte imposed one of the world's strictest and longest coronavirus lockdowns in mid-March, grinding the economy to a halt. Restrictions were partially removed in June to allow more businesses to reopen.

For the holidays, the government banned Christmas parties, family reunions and carol singing outside homes, while an earlier plan to allow minors to visit to shopping malls was scrapped.

With more than 436,000 infections and around 8,500 deaths, the Philippines has the second highest COVID-19 cases and casualties in Southeast Asia, next to Indonesia. The Philippines has a population of 108 million.


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Lol, caning. What is this the 1700s? Wasn't Australia going to cane Bart Simpson at one time? Caning... what a hoot.

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I guess the offer is still exists. But there will be never be such a vaccine made and developed in the Philippines. Too bad.

Gesendet von meinem SM-N950F mit Tapatalk

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How generous. P20M for a vaccine worth billion of dollars. 

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