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Upgrades to 50M from 5M PLDT, now my connection is worse

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I'm in Busay/Lahug and had a great connection with PLDT fiber @ 5 meg down speed for years.  I worried about making any changes but gave it a shot to increase my speed for a few hundred pesos.  Stupid me!  My connection speed has never been the same.  Slow and buffering.  Naturally PLDT says speedtest shows your speed as being more than you're paying for (50M) so we can't help you.  I've read that speedtest is flawed depending on the provider.  My option is to raise hell at the PLDT office which I know will work, but I want to avoid that if I can.  Anyone with advice?  

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Take screen shot of speed send in with a wtf??? The speed is controlled in Manila i was told also note the speed is determined not by your phone but by a wired PC connected to. Their router.  My PC will show 110 Mbps but my phone only 40 Mbps

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Fish Sandwich

When did you make the upgrade?

If you made it in the last week or two, I wouldn't try to gauge your speed right now as it's absolutely crap due to everyone (in the whole world) being stuck home (and on the internet). My speed tests show correct, but I can assure you it's not good right now.... maybe 10%-30% on average of what it used to be. It's really painful at times.

Many major companies are having to limit their services to keep things moving (e.g. Netflix is not streaming some of the higher HD resolutions).


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My PLDT DSL goes off every day from 6pm - 5am like clockwork. Already called it in 4 days ago, still waiting for a tech to come over.


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