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PM, (Personal Message), An Acceptable Way to Complain

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Sadly, we had to let one of our long time Members go yesterday. This individual was a regular poster and often provided the Membership with factual, needed and sometimes humorous posts. 

While the entire Staff are volunteers we hope you will understand that keeping the Forum clean, formatted and 'legal' is a monumental task that takes a considerable amount of time from our family and daily lives. The current environment with the added amount of information being posted during the world crisis adds even more work for just a few Staff.

"Members should not be telling Staff how things should be done, nor should they be posting about how the staff are preforming their job. While we welcome feedback, we cannot tolerate any member who attempts to subvert the Staff openly in the Forum."

If you would like to discuss something, please PM a Staff Member and we will be happy to chat about things. We know we are not always correct in our thinking so talk to us in a personal message and we will listen. Often we will bring in another Staff Member to get a second opinion. These are good things. However, it's never good to openly argue with Staff.

We hate losing Members, especially our valued Members that are solid contributors but if we have to draw a line in the sand, we will.

Thank You,

Living In Cebu Forums Staff

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