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Large jumbo apartment for rent 67 sq meters


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PHP 20,000 a month BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>> see whats included   ELECTRIC.... WATER... TRASH... HIGH SPEED FIBER INTERNET SHARE MY 120 MB CONNECTION AND no HOA FEE SO YOU CAN USE CLUBHOUSE AND USE OF WASHER AND DRYIER .. no internet to hook up ... no dealing with veco... no going to laundry  plus bottled drinking water and the shower is huge and has hot water has built in ac also ..  Lots of fresh air overlooking ocean view jogging trails tennis basketball pools all you would expect in a high end subdivision the place is fully furnished but only for 2 people as I pay electric if you have overnighters to often there will be an extra charge.

Internet Speed
















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Look maps.vista.grande or costa rica rd talisay cebu its a huge property with about 130houses built i only have one neighbor on my street pretty safe politicans and a pnp colonel. Neighbors robinsons south town and gasino close

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Ask me about a short term rental 

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I've been to that house a few times and the views are spectacular.  Reminds me of the Hollywood hills except less crowded.  

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I must be getting old a guy ask about the place would 3 people work i said well only one bed . He says what size ? So i am thinking a child and not wanting that as kids do climb so i told him my thoughts on having a small child? Well he says oh no we dont have children yet my gf is still in school .. i said cool .. he then tells me she just turned 18 .. i looked at him quessing about 60 to 65  so i said ok so you   your  gf and who is other. HE SAID HER MOTHER    I am thinking one bed   ill pass  so still open 4 couple only

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