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Over 30 cops fail fitness, BMI tests in Crame

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More than 30 policemen failed the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and Body Mass Index (BMI) Test conducted in Camp Crame early Thursday morning.

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Police General Archie Francisco Gamboa faced the policemen and urged them to acquire the ideal weight based on their height so that they can do their responsibilities well.

A total of 86 policemen underwent the test. Of that number, 32 were overweight while five others were obese.

Meanwhile, 49 policemen have acquired the normal weight, the PNP said.

Those policemen were presently enrolled at the Public Safety Officers Basic Course Class of 2020.

Gamboa warned that those who will fail to get the ideal weight during their class would not graduate.

"Kapag nasa loob ka na overweight ka, nasa loob ka na ng program...  kapag hindi mo naabot 'yung ideal weight mo, 'yung BMI mo, ano rin, waste of time," Gamboa said.

Earlier, Gamboa warned policemen who will miss the ideal BMI that they will be denied of opportunities for schooling or further studies.

One's promotion will also be affected if he/she fails to acquire the ideal weight.

"Kapag hindi ka umabot sa BMI mo mismo, you will not be allowed to file your promotion which is the very step in a promotional process," Gamboa said.

Interior Secretary Eduardo Año earlier urged policemen to be physically fit so that they could perform their duties well.





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