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President Duterte finally orders end of VFA with United States

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2 hours ago, Jawny said:

Perhaps I’m missing something, but how does the VFA impact enforcement of laws?

By misreading lamoe's post. " Social Responsibility points", got it.

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4 hours ago, wondersailor said:

No country, that I know of, vigorously enforced all it's laws. It's a question of degree. In the part of the US I lived, violent crimes (or potentially violent) are enforced. Traffic laws are enforced because local governments make a good deal of money from them. Infact any crime that they can make money on, they are on it (especially seizure laws). Property crimes, not much at all unless the police trips over the criminal. It's all politics and money. But it would be nice to see a little enforcement in the Philippines.

Giving the natives the opportunity to anomalously rat out their neighbors, relatives, enemies should be a load of fun - not sure how it would impact foreigners.

The social responsibility points added or deducted translate not into crimes (usually) but perks for being an outstanding or punishment for being a poor citizen.

"The Social Credit System -  is a national reputation system being developed by the Chinese government. ... By 2018, some restrictions had been placed on citizens which state-owned media described as the first step toward creating a nationwide social credit system."


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14 hours ago, lamoe said:

Bye bye Karaoke, ignoring traffic rules, butting in line, even being impolite getting into elevator:dance2:

Oh yeah, plz enforce :shocked:

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