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Looking for Health Insurance Recommendation..

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Good day everyone, my partner (expat, 37) and I (pinay, 27) are looking for health insurance. Any recommendation would help a lot. Thank you. 

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U know what I am currently looking for this also as I was pretty unhappy with my last one.    Ill put in a follow.

SO if you lads do know of a good one help a few of us out because quiet honestly there is a lot to choose from but all seem really crap or expensive

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The archives of LinC have several threads, some recent, that discuss this topic.  Worth taking the time to see what’s been posted.  There were several companies named, even some details on prices.  Don’t be surprised if the companies ask for evidence of good health (an exam) to protect themselves from coverage of pre-existing conditions.  Typically not covered.  Younger people get better rates, as you’d expect.  

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