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Well, not totally sure about being a foreigner cause I have dual citizenship, but airguns in the Philippines only need to be registered once and that's it. If any of you guys that have air rifles and want to shoot metallic targets and just have fun hit me up. I have a 100 yard private range, lots of fun to be had :)

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Get an electric fencing unit as used for cattle fencing, dangle the high voltage positive about 300mm (1 foot) off the ground with a battery clamp on it. Put a solid piece of meat in the clamp, p

Sure.  Not watch how fast your at police station with 20 locals calling you the evil foreigner as to trespass it will be your trespassing in our country but hey will make a great thread 

Threaten them with a case of canine trespass and they will realize that wasn't their dog after all. A pellet gun won't likely kill a dog but if it does, provide funeral services. 

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