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Mobile Pet Grooming Cebu


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I've been searching for years for someone to visit my compound and groom my dogs. Over the years I've grown to a lot of 9 total dogs, most through friends returning home and dropping off pets here.

Today "Dog Station Cebu" showed up. We had an appointment time for 9am, they were here ready to start at 850am. They came equipped with collars, leashes, muzzles, bathing supplies, trimmers, blow dryer etc, I only supplied water for bathes and electric for trimming & blow drying.

They charge p350 for small and p450 for medium. That includes nail trimming and filing, cleaning ears & paws, bath and trim/blow-dry if needed. Not sure if they have a service charge for a couple animals but with 9 they waived it for sure.

The 2 guys that showed up were friendly, professional and obviously know how to handle dogs with care.


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@Enuff        Welcome back   long time not see you here

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Good to see you posting!

Did they do the dog with the wings for ears? Love to see a photo of him all gussied up!

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11 hours ago, Enuff said:

They charge p350 for small and p450 for medium.

Do you know what they range is for medium?  I assume they go by weight.

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