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Water Dispenser

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25 minutes ago, SkyMan said:

Don't know how long it will last but this thing works great.  I'm going to get another one for the garage.  You just have to remember to stop pumping in time cause there's no way to shut it off.

Also, it's a 2 person/step process to fill ice trays but not really a big deal.

I fill a 800 ml cup / pitcher - easier to make sure filled without going over

Took out the dinky trays and replace with some decent size cubes

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With every one that I have ever seen, including the two we have, there really is no such thing as room temperature water. The room temperature tank is right next to the cold tank and the water in both get quite chilled. They do have independent switches for both hot and cold. the hot water tank if not turned on, is closer to room temperature than the room temperature tank.

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