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I recently found that the Capitol One site has a decent flight search engine that is worth checking out if you Have a Capitol One card. I'm generally searching for a flight and I'm pretty flexible with dates and aren't sure which days to fly are the best.  Certain routes only fly a few times a week or whatever.  My strict itinerary is something something like, depart CEB mid April to late May and return about 40 days later.  Anyway, COne reward miles are only half credited if you take them as cash but full credit if you use them for travel.  So, I decided to look into using my miles for my next trip.  The clicks are something like "Claim Rewards"  "Reward Travel" maybe another click or 2.  Then for some reason, the default is hotel reservations, so click on flights.  Put in you flight info with some dates and do a search.  Then click flexible dates and it gives you the best prices for the week for departure and return centered around the dates you put in.  You can pick a date from that and then click flexible dates again to get a new week's worth of info.  Seems to be fairly quick and you can use that to scroll through a period rather than just date after date. I've tried using the matrix and getting a month but it doesn't seem that accurate always.

Perhaps someone has a better method?

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