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Larry (Shadow) Dead at 59

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Jess Bartone

I don't visit the forums much these days, busy with family commitments etc, so this news came as a great shock to me. Larry was very helpful and informative, more often than not entertaining too. I suppose we all have our use-by date, none of us are getting any younger (I'll be 64 next week), it's just that Larry seemed somehow indestructible. I will miss his sharp mind and quick wit.

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I received notice from Larry's wife Rony, that Larry died of a heart attack last night.  

I took the whole family (wife, kids, MIL, niece.. 7 in total) to Dumaguete on December 27th just past.  Everyone else was going to visit with wife's sister..  and I was going to visit with Larry, whom

I received the following message from Rony and she asked that I post it: Please extend my thank you to all the members of LINC. Thank you for your friendship, respect, and support for Larry.


I just now discovered this news as  I rarely visit the forums these days. N i'm shocked and saddened.  His take on living in cebu was quite valuable and informative. His opinions carried a lot of weight with me and were mostly proven out.  I did i have the opportunity to meet him and share a taxi rideback with both he and Rony coming back from the great Dave's mexican food blowout party in liloan.  I thought they were so cool.  Late condolences to Rony and family.  

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