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Voltage and Wiring

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5 hours ago, SkyMan said:

120v won't kill a kid

I think your pushing the limits with that statement and below is a link. 


Perhaps generally no, (like your experience ), but there is a multitude of opinions EVERYWHERE on the net including what appears to be some well informed and experienced electricians on YouTube saying it will/can. 

I think the better statement would be. 

Will it kill you or a child "unlikely" 

Can it kill your child,, absolutely "yes" 


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5 hours ago, SkyMan said:

Most outlets here don't have 3 pins and on those that do, it's unlikely the ground is connected to anything.  120v won't kill a kid, but the kid will learn about electricity.  You can poke a knitting needle in with no problem unless you're grounded.  When I was a kid I'd plug something in with my finger between the prongs.  I learned about electricity, once.

120v    ???   on Cebu Island only Veco use split phase  cebeco 1, 2, 3   use zero and 220/240 hot

I think most areas in Philippines use zero and 220/240 hot

some areas in Manila and surrounding areas  same as Veco

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