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Strong 6.9 quake shakes Davao (15 Dec 2019)

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Yup, we had another one and they are getting stronger. This was a 6.9 with epicenter 5 km from Digos City. I am getting tired of this with Palawan getting more and more attractive with each shake.

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Thank God this one happened on a Sunday. Schools collapsed, so if it had occurred on a weekday, there would have been a lot of deaths. 

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Cebu Daily News




‘Signs of life’ detected in one of three persons trapped inside collapsed building

By: Froilan Gallardo - CDN Digital | December 15,2019 - 10:57 PM

CAGAYAN DE OR0 CITY, Philippines —Rescuers detected “signs of life” from one of the three people still trapped in one of the collapsed buildings in Padada town, Davao del Sur that was hit by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake on Sunday afternoon, December 15.

Padada Vice Mayor Francisco Guerrero told CDN Digital Sunday night said rescuers digging into the rubble of the three-story Southern Trade Commercial building were able to receive text messages from one of the three persons believed to have been trapped inside.

“This trapped individual texted a friend, a rescuer, and told him he was still alive under that building,” Guerrero said.

Guerrero said rescuers have brought in a backhoe to dig into the rubble but was stymied by their lack of experience.

“Our rescuers do not have the training and ill-equipped to deal with an emergency like this,” Guerrero said.

Guerrero said rescuers earlier rescued four people from the collapsed commercial building in front of the town market.

Engineer Luke Cadoyas, Padada Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer, have appealed for assistance from neighboring towns and national government agencies.

He said another building, the two-story Canlas Commercial building, also collapsed.

A six-year-old girl identified as Cherbelchen Imgador died after she was hit by falling debris in Barangay Asinan, Matanao town, Davao del Sur.

The Davao del Sur public information office said 14 people were hurt when the magnitude 6.9 quake of tectonic origin rocked Davao del Sur at 2:11 p.m. on Sunday.

The quake, the fifth major quake to hit Mindanao since October 16, was also felt in other parts of the island. /elb




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Strongest quake to hit Mindanao in 2019


take the link above, article a bit long, too much to copy/paste


DAVAO. The Matanao National High School sustained major structural damage after the quake. (Photo by Richard Feil Ababa)

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What is scary is that it was a Sunday a week and a half before Christmas and the mall were packed. I had just left the biggest mall in Digos about an hour before the quake. I have never seen so many people at this mall. It had reopened less then a month ago after the last quake. The second mall is still a long way from reopening . I can only imagine how yesterday's quake has set it back. 

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Living here in Davao I immediately looked out the window at these 2 huge condos in the distance that have gone up with the cranes on top..I could see the big metal hook hanging from one of the cranes swaying back and forth at a pretty good rhythm.. I would think being at the skeleton stage of building that the building would have had damage.. Im glad im going back to the world for some [email protected] this wednesday...

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