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My doorjams were ready for pick-up

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So i made a nice deal with one of the local furnitureshops, 6 doorjams of which 2 pieces made of tugas.

Tugas is old, very hard wood, a little expensive but very strong. The problem is that it can have some holes because it,s very old wood, normally no problem if they take the worse parts out and smaller damages are filled up, all acceptable.

Ofcourse it took longer then the 1-2 weeks as promissed but this is Philippines.I learned one thing here very quick, check everything before delivery because you might be surprised :wt-hell:


That day there was no delivery and i was not much further then the day of ordering










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Looks like the wood eating bugs have a two week head start. Install them now! In a year they will be gone. Hang a broom nearby, too. Next time get something other than wood.

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Just my thoughts here.

The large termite holes noted in pic 5 would bother me.

Several years ago a carpenter replaced a doorjamb in our house with some type of wood that was very hard.He quickly found that every screw hole had to be pre-drilled when it came time to install the hinges and lockset. Even then the heads of 3 of the wood screws snapped off.

Over time we never noticed any termite damage to the jamb but obviously we can't see the back side of it.Tugas is an endangered tree species here in the RP----guessing that only dead-fall trees can be legally harvested.

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Shit, I hope those door jambs, or what's left of them, were cheap! :scratch_head:

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Don't misunderstand me but with no delivery today i mean NEVER ! The guy had to start again and has a chance to correct his mess.

Tugas wood is old wood, you can't find any stronger in Phils and it's expensive..

the holes are not eaten by termites, they don't like it because It's very very hard, its just aged

even if you drill a hole first it's very hard to screw anything inside.

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