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Salty Dog

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54 minutes ago, RedRanger said:

Paul didn't issue the warning, thus I didn't contact him.  

Yes I did send a PM to USMC-Retired,  Here was his reply -    "You can not do that.  It is in the rules.  Does not matter if I know the lingo or not.  It was reported and the quote was altered.  Get with Broden to remove your points he is an Admin he can do it I am just a mod."

It was very odd USMC dude didn't just take care of it or send the Broden dude a message of what happen. 










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Maintain the status quo, the forum has been pretty good lately.. 

I vote for Fred and Davenao to be mods!

I vote Eggnoggin for Mod.

12 hours ago, Headshot said:

I would suggest that in the future, you spell it out.

spoken like a true mod.  I say bring headshot back on the staff roster for specific sections.  no one could guide and manage the German and Nordic speaking section better than him.    

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1 hour ago, TheMatrix said:

Mod should have thick skin... like Fred.

yo steve how ya been?  things haven't been the same without you around every day.   :biggrin_01: 

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