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1 hour ago, JamesMusslewhite said:

   I just went to FEED to check under 'content I Started' only to find every thread had been closed? Now that sounds like a real sound business model for a successful growing forum site - threads with a parking meter attached. So threads not replied to, say in six months - are permanently-expired, hit with a gag-order and dragged to the junk yard, Interesting. I never realized the practice used by most successful forums  of either using a warning banner allowing a member to actually decide if they want to open an older thread. or simply allowing older threads to be left alone so forum members can perhaps still use of them at a later date, was wrong.

   I guess I learned something new today, like you boys best never operate a savings and lone...  :biggrin_01:

It's really not the end of the world, James, just ask and point us to the thread you want re-opened and poof, just like magic...

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Salty Dog

Okay, I've turned off the automatic closing of threads and have opened over 10,000 closed threads. I still have at least another 10,000 more to unlock.

I didn't check every thread to see why it was closed. You may run across one here and there that says it was being closed by Staff for some reason or the other, but is now open.

Let's see how it goes, or if it even makes a difference.

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Salty Dog

The reason so many threads are closed in this "How To Use The Forum" forum, is because many of them are just informational and weren't open to discussion.

I've now unlocked most of the posts, except for the Science & Technology Forum posts. There are over 3,100 threads in that forum. 

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