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Acceptable Words and Images on the Open Forum

Salty Dog

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Salty Dog

This isn't the first time this has been addressed.

Some members seem to be pushing the boundaries of acceptable words and/or images on the open forum.

Just to be clear, I asked the owner what his thoughts were. He said he would prefer that it stay PG-13 on the open forum.

Each of us probably has their idea of what is appropriate or not. Joking or not, discussing explicit sexual behavior or posting graphic sexual photos is not allowed. The same goes for colorful language (rude or offensive), that some members can't seem to communicate without. It shouldn't be that hard for members to remain within the confounds of decency. I know, who am I kidding...:rolleyes:

Double entendres aside, discussions of explicit sexual activities are prohibited. Photos or drawings of sexual activities or sexual organs are prohibited. I've found most of these type post recently. All of them in some humor thread. Most are posted by the same few members. I haven't yet warned anyone, but have been hiding them as I find them. I figured I should post an announcement to remind members.

Generally a YouTube video that isn't rated as adult or offensive is acceptable. Yes, we all know that they can contain colorful and even vulgar language and words. A video with just few such words here and there might be acceptable. The same goes for the use of words in a non-sexual way. We all know the "F" word can be used in so many ways that aren't sexual. That doesn't mean that it still isn't objectable to some people. I think we are all adult enough to determine when something isn't acceptable though...


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