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Roger Moore Dead At 89


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Oops, Roger Moore did die over 2 years ago as MickyG  stated. I hope that he still RIP.

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DOH! I'm not sure why I just picked up on this story and didn't notice the date of it.  Memory and other functions failing these days.  Like my granny used to tell me many years ago "Getting old ain't a sin but it sure is inconvenient."

Moderator can just delete this thread since it's old news, if they want.

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Out of date
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10 hours ago, Jim_in_Jax said:

Say goodbye to one smooth suave James Bond, Roger Moore.  RIP Sir Roger Moore.


Well, that ruins my day.

7 hours ago, MickyG said:

i was under the impression that he left us in May 2017.....then again he was a ''Bond''

I'm much happier now. :thumbs_up:

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