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Court rules VA must reimburse veterans for emergency care at non-VA centers

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5 hours ago, Bama said:

I wondered when I posted this article if perhaps vets living overseas could be reimbursed for emergency room visits at non VA facilities. The article doesn't say that they can nor do I see that it says that they can't.

How about vets with service related disabilities living overseas ? IDK. 

Very good point, and i’m interested as well.

19 hours ago, Lordblacknail said:

it depends on how long you served. I served three years and one day. Therefore, I get va medical care forever. I have to pay co pays due to my income, but it is much cheaper than anything else.

Va care is dependent upon your disability rating. In the US you can go take care of it all, here it must be service connected.. thus the question. 

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