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Viking has unlimited saké

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Went yesterday - been a year - didn't notice saké  bottle last time

Right next to the beer cooler

Have the traditional bottles that can be filled and smallish cups

Tried some - very mild - label indicates a +4?

Not chilled or warmed

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1 hour ago, lamoe said:

label indicates a +4?

About a mid-range on the sweet to dry scale   0=sweetest, 10=driest.

I spent a nice long day in Sake "breweries" in Takayama - to learn that's about the range I prefered.  They are more like rocket fuels as they approach 10 - and too sweet much lower on the scale.

So it was room temperature ? :wacko:

I haven't noticed that at Vikings - wonder if it is a permanent option.  Might need a non-Birthday visit to see :biggrin_01:

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Looked to be maybe 2 L bottle - pop top  - pour into serving a bottle and grab a cup

Yep - room temp - I like mine either warm - not coffee hot - or ice cold

But as unlimited, went nicely with the sashimi Tuna and Salmon

Kind of over did it on the  beer (8) and sake (4) - luckily ate A LOT and drank a couple of double  espressos with a dollop of vanilla ice cream to stir in

I love cheese (they had 5 types) and sausage  - made a beeline for the antipasto fixings station  - close to the drink station - along with back and green olives was very happy

Also noticed they had 12 section sushi plates

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