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American woman arrested at NAIA with 6 day old Filipino baby

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27 minutes ago, Lordblacknail said:

Another churcher act of kindness that went wrong

What makes you suspect/know this? Has more info come out about the case?

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14 hours ago, Jawny said:

This woman may have felt she could "rescue" this child in some fashion

And not long ago, some tourist woman here felt she could rescue a puppy at a resort, and died not long after from rabies. What a crazy place this is with stupid, stupid people. Sometimes, it is like a trainwreck that one cannot stop from staring at.

3 hours ago, Lordblacknail said:

This will not end well.

No, it will not. Another international "black eye" news story about this place. Idk...is it just me? I've gone through many airport security checkpoints last 5-10 years...how in da hell would it be possible to actually sneak a baby through one? 

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EXCLUSIVE: Revealed - the Filipino baby and teen mom at center of human trafficking claim: Utah woman posed as newborn's aunt 'to smuggle him to U.S. in her carry-on for Mormon blessing'

The U.S. woman accused of trying to 'smuggle' a six-day-old baby out of the Philippines concocted a bizarre scheme to pose as his aunt with the help of the baby's mother, a teenage wannabe reality TV star, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Jennifer Talbot presented documents to Filipino authorities to back her claim as she tried to take the newborn on a flight to the U.S. from Manila last Wednesday – and told them she was taking him to meet a non-existent dying great-grandmother in Ohio.

DailyMail.com can also reveal the baby's mother is 19-year-old who dropped out of school and had posted on Facebook about her baby, whom she had named Andrew, just before she gave him up.

Maricris Dulap, who came from a remote and poverty-stricken mining area of the Philippines, had apparently connected with Talbot, 42, while she was pregnant.

She provided a sworn legal statement that Talbot was the baby's aunt.

Talbot, a mother of five from Sandy, Utah, was carrying Dulap's affidavit as she attempted to 'sneak' baby Andrew onto a Delta flight from Manila to Detroit on Wednesday.

In it, Dulap allegedly provided three reasons for her child's trip to the States: one to 'receive a name and blessing' and membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, two to receive American medical vaccines and three, 'to meet his Great Grandmother before she passes on.'

The affidavit purportedly written by the 19-year-old Filipino described Andrew's great-grandmother' as 'on end of life care.' 

'To meet his great grandmother, my son will travel to Ohio first then to Utah with his aunt,' it stated. 

'Tentative dates of travel are as soon as possible as my son's great grandmother is about to pass at any time. She is on "end of life" care.'

Despite this claim Talbot, who is originally from Ohio, has no surviving grandparents on either her mother or father's side.

Talbot, whose five children include two adults from her first marriage – Spencer Holder, a serving U.S. Navy sailor, and Alexis Crabtree, a married mother of one – does have family ties to Ohio but has lived much of her adult life in Utah, and now lives in Sandy with her third husband Kirk Talbot.

There is no signature on the document from the baby's mother and investigators have not yet been able to trace Dulap who was born in Mt Diwata, a village in the Compostela Valley province known for small-scale gold mining. It is unclear if they are actively looking for her.

But DailyMail.com has learned that the unmarried teen mom, who goes by the nickname Jham, is a wannabe reality TV star who once applied to be part of Pinoy Big Brother, the local franchise of the reality TV show.

In her application she gave her talents as 'dancing, singing, acting and joking.'

She admitted that she had dropped out of school and 'lost her way' due to the bad influence of friends and claimed that her parents once told her she was 'worthless.'

In social media posts, a troubling image emerges of a young girl who has struggled with depression and threatened to kill herself on more than one occasion.




Much longer article with photos if you're interested

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