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Surigao airport initial rehab seen complete by Dec.

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SURIGAO Airport is scheduled to reopen for direct flights connecting to Manila by the end of the year with the expected completion of rehabilitation works on its runway.

The Department of Transportation (DoTr) said in a statement Friday it has hired a new contractor for the airport, which is expected to finish the development project by December.

“As instructed by Secretary (Arthur P.) Tugade, focus shall be given on this project so as to make sure that no further delays will be incurred,” Transportation Assistant Secretary for Procurement and Project Implementation Giovanni Z. Lopez said in the statement.

Surigao Airport has been under maintenance since 2017 when it sustained damage after being damaged in a magnitude 6.7 earthquake.

The DoTr said it hired Pacific Concrete (PC) to take over the rehabilitation works after Herbana Builders, the original contractor, was “terminated due to abandonment of the project that led to its continuous disrepair.”

“According to the revised plan, PC shall complete the ongoing preparatory works for the asphalt overlay of the existing 1,000-meter usable runway and the rehabilitation of the unusable portion that was damaged by the magnitude 6.7 tremor,” the DoTr said.

The new contractor was also tasked to expand the runway by 400 meters by the end of the year, and to add 300 meters more by February 2020 to restore the runway’s full length of 1,700 meters before it was damaged.

“Our priority is to be able to complete the extension of the runway to 1,400 meters by end of this year. A longer runway will enable the airport to accommodate bigger aircraft,” Director General Jim C. Sydiongco of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) said.




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They are putting down asphalt on the main runway and they expect this fix to last? Asphalt is not a good solution for runways where aircraft place high stress on the surface (especially in warm climates). Asphalt is fine for minor taxiways and parking ramps for light aircraft, but large aircraft will degrade the asphalt rapidly (sinking into it). Only concrete should be used for runways for large aircraft in warm climates. Also, only large aircraft require longer runways, so they need to decide what type of aircraft they will be serving, and then build the airport appropriate for the aircraft they will serve. If the answer is large aircraft, then they should build using concrete. If there will only be small aircraft at this airport, then asphalt is fine, but no large aircraft should ever be allowed to land, and the runway does not need to be extended (thus saving money). Extending the runway, but using asphalt for the runway surface, is just a huge waste of money.

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Always liked that small city..The airport is also handy being close by..It sounds to me like just the turbo prop boys will be landing there..Not enough customers there yet for the big guys...Good and Bad..

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