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Diabetes Type 1. Looking for empty vials....

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Hi good people of this forum, 

I hope I have posted this in the right section. 

I am and have been for the past 22 years a Type 1 Diabetic, this is the type where you have to inject yourself with insulin two or three times a day. 

I have been using vials that I brought over from the UK many years ago now, and just been refilling them using a syringe from a 10 ml vial. 

The reason I re-use my old vials is because I have a NovoPen 3, and that only these vials will fit in to it. The reason to why I keep using my NovoPen is because it makes it much easier to inject myself, as it is a spring loaded device that once the device is pressed up against your skin you press a button and it pushes the needle in to you. 

The problem is over the years I have gone through my supply of vials and running low and need some new ones, empty ones that I can re-use. 

So I am asking is there any members on this board who preferably live in Cebu or if not then anywhere in the world that would be willing to send me their empty vials once they have been used. I will happily pay for all the shipping via PayPal if abroad or LBC if here in the Philippines. 

When I came here I had about 25 vials and i have made them last for over 10 years, so I am not asking for 100's of vials. 

I will attach a picture of the particular vial that I am looking for, in the hope that someone will be able to help. 

I once asked this question on a Diabetic forum in the UK, and I got lambasted for even asking by a bunch of pompous idiots who have the NHS (Free Health Care) to fall back on and could not get it through their heads that we don't all have the luxury of having free health care. I do not need criticism, I just need some empty vials.  I cannot by the way buy these vials here in the Philippines, they do not sell them. They only have another brand that do not fit my NovoPen and also it is much cheaper for me when I buy my insulin to buy it in larger vials like 10 ml instead of the usual 3 ml.

Also if anyone else here is Diabetic and needs any general advice on how to manage it, in the most cost effective way then do ask. I am here to help if I can when concerning Diabetes. 

If you can help, then please PM. If you need any advice concerning diabetes then reply to this post or start a new one, so that others with Diabetes can also read about how I manage it here. 

Please see the picture to see if you use this vial and if you would be willing to send me some of your empty ones to me. 

Thank you 


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