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Ticket to HEL (Finland) from CEB

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I was looking for the Best/Cheapest way to get from Cebu to Finland, from my Son Paul's wedding.



Item    Description                                                                      VAT 0 %    Unit Price     Qty.  Price inc. VAT

Flight    Cebu - Singapore,         2019-08-05T19:45:00, 1 pax               0 %          $72.39            1           $72.39   
Flight    Singapore - Athens,      2019-08-06T02:35:00, 1 pax               0 %        $375.35            1         $375.35
Flight    Athens - Helsinki,          2019-08-06T23:55:00, 1 pax                0 %        $150.27            1         $150.27
                                                                                                                                                        Subtotal    $598.01
                                                                                                                                                                Tax         $0.00
                                                                                                                                                             Total     $598.01

However there was a PROBLEM!
That Singapore - Athens Flight got cancelled!

The FREE offerings that Kiwi.com offered, got me to Helsinki a day earlier, late at night, or the afternoon of the wedding - a day layer!

So I looked for Alternatives, and found one with :-



The arrival  date is the Wednesday, (which is what I wanted as I already have a room booked from 12 noon @ Hotel Tallukka ),
The brother of the bride, Anita, is Tomi Soikkeli, who lives in Helsinki . He has offered to meet me at the Train/Bus Station and we travel 
together to Hotel Tallukka,  by bus/train. 

"At the airport you can use free wifi or buy cheap Finland sim from cafe named R-kioski.
It is a chain and they sell those there. One R-kioski is near arrival gates "

The Wedding Reception, the following day is at Villa Velloma  @  Lehmonkärki, Lehmonkärjentie, Asikkala, Finland.



As you can see it is 16.2Km from there, to Lehmonkärki, Lehmonkärjentie which is where they booked the Wedding Reception.
Apparently some other Wedding guests, are also booked at Hotel Tallukka  (so hopefully a minibus or something might be arranged),
for transportation to the Wedding on Wednesday).



It will be my 1st ever trip to Scandinavia. let alone Finland.

Booking reference JT3ARB

Passenger WHITTALL/DAVID Flight D8370 -

09 Aug 2019

Departure 17:05 Helsinki (HEL) Terminal 2

Cabin baggage x 1, Max 10 kg, Max 55 x 40 x 23 cm

Arrival 18:10 London-Gatwick (LGW) Terminal S

Product description                                                                 VAT (EUR) Total (EUR)
Helsinki - London-Gatwick LowFare                                       0.00 (0%)           45.94
D8370 Helsinki - London-Gatwick - 09 Aug. 2019 17:05
WHITTALL/DAVID (328-7311338931)      Credit card fee     0.00 (0%)              1.24
                                                             security charge (DQ)    0.00 (0%)              4.88
                                                                  Passenger fee (FI)    0.00 (0%)              8.88
                             Air Transport Supervision Charge (XU)     0.00 (0%)              1.20
                                                                Total Amount              0.00                    62.14

Final leg is getting to Bournemouth

I booked a seat on a Coach, to get to Bournemouth from LGW South PASSENGER
with  busbud name DAVID WHITTALL CATEGORY national express adult
ITINERARY DEPARTURE Gatwick Airport (South) Lower Forecourt       

                                                 Friday, August 9,   2019    7:20 PM   FK 206

REFERENCE:                           VXPT
PRICE:                                     £15.00
ARRIVAL                                Bournemouth  Coach & Rail Stn,
                                               Holdenhurst Rd.

                                              Friday, August 9, 2019         10:50 PM
I could take a Train:-

Depart  Bournemouth  23:12
Arrive    Christchurch     23:19 7m , 0 changes    Price   £3.20

Then take 'Yellow Bus' # (1)  or just walk (only half a mile)!
Depart Station Rd.          23:28
Riverland Court 23:31


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29 hour layover in SIN ouch!

What was the total price of your airfare?

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8 hours ago, GwapoGuy said:

29 hour layover in SIN ouch!

What was the total price of your airfare?

There are much worse places.  I used to visit Singapore on Business Trips many times when I was Engineering Manager - Asia Pacific, based in HKG.  I prefer Singapore to HKG, great country (for such a tiny size), great friendly City too and clean.

I hope to take the Free 2.5 Hour City Tour ( assuming I get my Boarding Card for my Qatar Airways flight 24 Hours before (or less).  Perhaps have a meal and a Beer by the river



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Is that one way David?

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8 hours ago, Dafey said:

Is that one way David?

Yes Daffey, as I fly LGW to CEB via DXB on 'Emirates'.

In 2016 I flew Emirates from Barclona to CEB.  I was extremely impressed with their quality of Service.  'Business Class' with Superb level of in-flight Entertainment selection.  Free WiFi and excellent meal.  Free Drinks too including Wine with the meal.

That's why I'm flying from LGW to CEB with Emirates.  Just over GBP500.

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The Trip to HEL via SIN and was GBP563.96 equivalent. So it costed me more than the LGW to CEB (via DXB).

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