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Glucose or Dextrose - where to get ?

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Im luckily not a diabetic, but I was looking to get Glucose as its an energy boost for people like me that do active sports.
But - I found it nowhere in malls and even in pharmacies its not sold.

So I thought do I really have to buz it abroad and get it delivered ?
Luckily I don't have too - because I found it on shoppee - where it's also not that expensive.
I also googled more and found that SM Store should have at least the PEOTRACO GLUCOSE 750G at just 72php - but that's a syrup and thus not that easy to use in the gym.

But further googling opened my eyes as most glucose or dextrose powder is sold at pet shops as an energy booster for pets.
And what even more ist stupid in my eyes that its often "for veterinary use only" like the one in the photo.
As Filipinos usually believe everything they read that's why they buy adult milk for adults and infant milk for infants - even the indigrieends ae same.

So for me - I will now go to the next pet shop and buy my glucose/dextrose and then tell them its for my inner dragon - lol


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